Week 50 Update

by ⚡ Shockk on 2020-07-02

Welcome back to yet another fashionably late Corporeality developer update! This week (and a half), we’ve made a real start on our battle plan and we now have a project management system set up to our specific requirements.

This week might be a bit drier and more lacking than other weeks in terms of our blog content, but it’s a very important step towards making forward progress with our game projects.

Project Management

As part of our new agile development approach, we’ve begun using Jira with a Scrum board in order to try and manage our tasks and time a little better, as well as keep track of ~everything~ we need to do.

This will allow us to focus our time on specific areas per each ‘sprint’ we take part in, without losing sight of the overall project plan and end goal.

Breakout Project Plan

As part of our efforts in Jira, we now have a rough outline of how we expect the project to go, and we can now share some milestones we’ve defined along the path towards the finished game.


Although we now already have a proof of concept demo for our Breakout game, there are still some missing features that we need to prototype before we can move forward.

Part of this will involve adding support for level packs and cycling through them as each level is completed, as well as implementing some basic powerups and debuffs with a random chance of dropping when a block is destroyed.

Feature Complete

By this point, we should have all of the final features and gameplay mechanics implemented in the game, such as ball spin and other similar supplementary features.

We should also start putting some real focus on the user interface and design by this stage, as we no longer just want to be working with a prototype. We want something that feels a lot more like a game.


This will involve doing any polish and cleanup required near the end of our development of this game.

Final Game

This will be the final game!

Next Steps

This coming sprint (2 weeks), we’re going to focus on adding level pack support as well as hopefully getting some basic powerups and debuffs working in the game. There shouldn’t be any real complexity in these features; it’ll just take a bit of time for us to complete them.

We’re also going to continue to flesh out our project plan and improve upon the new development process we’ve now set in motion.

Thanks for continuing to stick with us through our harrowing journey, and, until next time, ցտեսություն!

⚡ Shockk, Lead Programmer