Who are we?

Two people that got bored of not having the exact game they wanted to play one day.
We’ve also brought some friends along for the ride!

What are we doing?

Writing and designing a Multiplayer 3D Space Shooter inspired by various things:

Classic Shooters, like Unreal Tournament and Quake
Modern class-based shooters like Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch
as well as other space shooters like EVERSPACE, EVE Valkyrie and Microsoft Hellbender

Why are we doing this?

To hone our programming, game design and artistic skills, and to have some fun in the process!

What engine are we using?

We’re using Unreal 4 for the project. Originally we planned to use our own engine, but the development of a whole new game engine for our very first title was… overambitious to say the least.
We hope to use Polar in the future though, and it’s development continues in the background.

If you want to check out the Polar codebase, click here

Can you try the game out yet?

Yes you can!
It’s only a “Tech Demo” at this stage, but you can check out current builds on the releases page!
Check the blog for the latest release notes and updates.
Feedback for releases is currently accepted on our Twitter page.


A play on “Corporeal” in ironic regard to ships being piloted remotely through consciousness transfer, and a portmanteau of “Corporate” and “Reality”. We bounced around a few ideas, but we just kept circling back to it, and it stuck!

This website is really janky! What’s up with that?

We only have a vague idea of what we are doing, so this website is as experimental as our game code!

How can you follow our progress?

There should be some buttons up on the top bar for you to click on to take you to various sections of this site with posts by members of the team, information about game design and releases
The plan is to have a big update each week and sporadic updates from other team members about the code base, art assets and more.

How can you support us?

If you’d like to support us financially check out our Patreon page. Whilst we’re not offering much just now, expect that to change as time goes on.
During the “Tech Demo” phase, $5 pledges get a Steam Key for the game!

If you can’t afford to support us financially please follow us on Twitter and share our updates with your friends!

Thank you for following the development of Corporeality!