Week 21 Update

by ⚡ Shockk on 2019-12-08

Welcome back to another weekly update on Corporeality! This week has, unfortunately, been kind of slow from the development side of things, and I’ll go into some details on this.

Engine Updates

As I mentioned, this week has been particularly slow on the programming front. The reason for this is that I’ve been going through a massive set of changes to the engine that are required in order for us to progress further with our intended plan. The actual change itself isn’t massively complicated, but it changes the way the core of the engine works and so we’re having to update literally everything across the engine to use the new API.

This task is nearing completion but the work remaining is by no means negligible. An unfortunate side-effect of making changes to the engine core is that we can’t test whether or not any of what we’re doing actually works… until it’s all done… so we’re likely also going to encounter some bugs once the changes have been completed.

Ship Textures

🐰 The Rabbit has been hard at work on the new experimental ship textures this week. The textures aren’t quite finished, but we do now have a blueprint sheet showcasing vastly more detailed features of the in-game ship—take a look!

whip ship

Next Week

I’m hoping that next week will see the engine core changes completed, leaving us well on our way to finally being able to implement the features we’ve been eyeing up for a couple of weeks now!

Sorry for not having much to say this week, but keep sticking with us throughout our journey and we’ll continue to soldier onwards towards a playable game demo.

Thanks again—all of you—and, until next week, tschüs!

⚡ Shockk, Lead Programmer