Week 16 Update

by ⚡ Shockk on 2019-11-02

This week has been a pretty slow one! We haven’t gotten a great amount of work done, unfortunately, but we did manage to complete one massively important feature.

Debug Console

We now have a debug console! We can open the console, type commands, and watch things happen in-game. For example, look at the top-left corner of this video to see what we’re doing here:

I’m going to write up a more detailed technical post on the debug console, what the console language looks like, and how it all works in the context of the engine later in the week, but the big upshot of this is that our development time spent just recompiling the engine will be drastically reduced, allowing us to debug things far easier moving forward.

I realize this isn’t the most exciting of weekly updates but all of this is going to make things way easier in the future, so we should start to be able to push out some more feature-packed weekly updates pretty soon.

Next Week

The next step is to implement debug drawing in our renderer for physics bounding zones. This will allow us to more easily visualize and debug where the bounds of each object are, as well as adjust them on-the-fly using our new debug console.

After this, we’re going to replace the current axis-aligned bounding boxes with bounding spheres, which should make things a lot more realistic than they are now.

Thanks, once again, for continuing to stick by us, and until next time, до свидания друзья!

⚡ Shockk, Lead Programmer