Week 15 Update

by ⚡ Shockk on 2019-10-26

Giving Spacegame a Voice

One of the things we decided we want to do is give Spacegame pilots a deeply immersive experience. One of the ways we want to do this is by having a bank of voice lines that can play when certain events happen in-game.

🦊 The Fox has been working on fleshing out the voice lines this week and we’ll be publishing them on the website as soon as we’re happy with them.

Debug Console…

Work on the debug console has been progressing slowly, and unfortunately it’s still incomplete as of this week. We’re very close to completion, but some of the logic behind it has proven particularly tricky to solve.

I’m expecting to have the debug console finished during this coming week, and I’ll be writing a pretty detailed blog post about how it works and what challenges we’ve faced in the creation of it.

Thanks again for sticking with us, despite the slow progression this week, and, until next week, 再見!

⚡ Shockk, Lead Programmer