Week 9 Update

by ⚡ Shockk on 2019-09-16

Week 9 and a new update from us! Unfortunately I didn’t get much of a chance to work much on the programming for the game last week, but I did work on the elephant in the room.


After some painful investigation, we’ve decided to go with a network model that syncs positions for the time being. Our ideal plan was to use timestamped network actions so that syncing wouldn’t be required, but we have too many problems with it at this stage and it would just hold up our tech demo too much.

In part, this stems from my desire to do things right from the start, rather than get the basics working first before doing more complex things. In an ideal world, I’d have all the time in the world to get network actions working, but we do want to release a tech demo sometime this decade!

What else?

Actually, that’s pretty much it for this week, unfortunately. Sorry we don’t have any other updates, things are just generally slow right now. We’re getting close to a playable tech demo now though, and the network syncing should be done really soon and finally pave the way for us to implement health and collision.

Thanks for sticking with us and, until next week, さようなら!

⚡ Shockk, Lead Programmer