Arenas and Gamemodes

Proposed Game Modes

Deathmatch (dm)

Exactly what it says on the tin, free-for-all deathmatch in an arena.
Victory Condition: Pilot with highest score after time limit reached, or first player to reach point limit
(also comes in “team deathmatch (tdm) flavour”)

Capture the Freighter (ctf)

“Single Flag Capture the Flag” but with a large freighter or cargo-pod that has to be somehow taken to a team base to score.
Victory Condition: Team with highest score after time limit reached, or first team to reach point limit.

Freighter Recovery & Escort (repo)

Attack/Defence where Team 1 has to retrieve a freighter from Team 2 and escort it back to their (Team 1s) capital ship.
Victory Condition: Team 1 retrieves freighter before time expires OR Team 2 stops Team 1 from retrieving freighter within time limit.

Capital Destruction (cap)

Teams must attempt to destroy the other teams capital ship by delivering doomsday bombs to them.
Victory Condition: Last team with capital still standing wins, Team with least damage taken when time expires.

Resource Wars (res)

Teams must attempt to collect resources from the arena with specialised mining/collection ships and return them to their base. Team must tactically decide how to assign players (Fighter/Resource Harvester).
Victory Condition: Team with most resources after time expires, First team to reach point limit.

Raiders (raid)

A fully loaded cargo freighter is moving into position to jump into slipstream space.
Team 1 must defend the freighter as it moves into position, whilst it is very heavily armoured, it can’t withstand a sustained assault on its own.
Team 2 must destroy the freighter before it enters slipstream.
Victory Condition: Team 1 wins if the freighter jumps successfully. Team 2 wins if they destroy the freighter.

Map/Arena Concepts


A supermassive black hole sits at the centre of the arena It pulls on anything that gets too close, any ships that fly into it are destroyed Nearby are shipwrecks, slowly being pulled apart, their chunks slowly drifting into the arena centre. (Perhaps also a nearby shattered planet?)


A (or several) large asteroid(s) with orbital mining platform(s litter the arena) Mining lasers fire at random, and powerful tractor beams draw the rock chunks into the orbital platform.


A shipyard in space, massive webbed structure holding a huge, unfinished capital ship in place.


An expansive and sprawling asteroid field with old mining platforms, derelict cargo freighters and hazards


Randomly generated asteroid field, possibly with other objects/hazards


A dense series of asteroid rings surrounding a massive gas giant planet. An orbital station/mining platform extracts materials from the rings/planet with high power mining beams. Flying too close to the planet or into the beams will result in your destruction.


Once a bustling hub of trade, research and exploration, Citadel 94 now lays abandoned and derelict after the Station AI went insane, killing everyone aboard.
Now it’s a self contained indoor combat arena with all the trimmings.
A tight, claustrophobic and labyrinthine place, you never know what is around the next corner.
Corridors and hangars are littered with the remains of the once busy station.


A mysterious area of blackened space that seems to have been disrupted by a catastrophic Dark Matter incident.
Sensors don’t work correctly and you can barely see the bow of your ship, the bright glow of your thrusters dissipating into the darkness. All ships entering The Void are equipped with a high energy light to illuminate the area directly ahead. However, obstacles may not be fully visible until you’re right on top of them.


The unironic nickname of a “demon class” nebula, “Hades” is named after the Patron God of the Ancient Greek underworld. Hades is a literal hellscape, a thick and highly energetic nebula swirling with plasma storms, EM discharge and (highly sought after) volitile gasses. Visibility is poor at best and sensors rarely work properly, it’s amazing that RCPS signals even penetrate it. (Not that it would stop the great corporations sending in actual manned flights if the signals didn’t.) Impact with a plasma stream will seriously damage any ship, or even destroy it. Plasma streams and EM anomalies are highly mobile, staying still for any length of time is highly ill advised.